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Alice. For Now.

Alice. For Now. encapsulates a brief transient time leading into the thick of adolescence, this important time in human development bombarded with memorable experiences. The end of an era, the new beginnings, the growing autonomy, getting to know a changing physical body and  learning to be comfortable living inside of this seemingly new vessel, navigating through new emotions which seem uncontrollable. Alice. For Now., a dialogue in between a mother and her daughter, is an attempt to immortalise and understand the fleeting moments and emotions of early teenage years. Through not so ordinary conversations with a close relative, an internal emotional turmoil surfaces whether one is trying to suppress it or not. Although the mother isn’t physically present in the photographs, her presence is reflected through Alice. The mother-daughter relationship, this complex bond the photographer is trying to make sense of through photographing her daughter. This series of photographs is a deeper, personal exploration of the human subject, an important theme in the artist’s photographic work. 

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